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Micro Course Bundle

Each of our micro courses is a beginners level course. They are individually priced at £47 each. By buying this bundle you save £30 and pay just £111 for the 3 courses rather than £141.

The Beginners Tarot course contains everything you need to learn the cards. You are introduced to the 78 cards and by the end of the course you will be able to read for your friends and family with ease.

The Crystal Chakras course contains meditations and exercises using crystals to help you understand and work to heal the chakras - the body's energy centres. This course does not include the crystals but you can contact us to purchase them if you need to. It introduces you to concepts of energy healing, crystal healing and the chakra system, along with guided meditations which you can use.

The Shamanic Basics course is a foundational study of Shamanism. It will introduce you to the basic concepts and is a prerequisite for studying at practitioner level.

Enjoy this micro bundle - who knows what doors it may open for you! Happy learning!

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