Passion & Purpose (formerly Intuitive Life Design)

Passion & Purpose is a paid community for people who want to live their life with passion and purpose. It helps people find happiness, confidence and abundance. Helping them truly align with their spirit, purpose and passion so they can stay that way.

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Step 1 - Self Awareness Training

In this module we develop an awareness of self. This means understanding how you think, what is going on for you and how you behave. This shines the light on your mindset and helps you assess and take stock of what needs to change.

Step 2 - Prepare to Succeed

This module helps you set the stage for success by deepening your understanding of who you are and what makes you tick.

Step 4 - Visualisation

In this module we create daily consistent habits and a powerful vision to help you move towards your ideal life.

Step 5 - Action!

This module helps you plan for action and gets you moving on your plan.

Bonus Resources - Journal Prompts

Keeping a journal is a wonderful way of getting to know yourself and to develop self awareness. It helps you express yourself, understand your thought processes, and is a safe place for you to explore what is going on inside.

Bonus Resources - Mindset Worksheets

In this area you will find worksheets and information on how to use them to help with your mindset. Our mindset is the most powerful tool we have when intuitively designing our lives.

Bonus Resources - Daily Habit Resources

In this area you will find habit trackers, resources to help you with positive daily actions, videos and other tools and links to help you create positive, consistent steps to success.

Bonus Resources - How to set great goals

Learning how to set great goals is a skill for life. Once you learn the art of crafting goals that are in alignment with your values and integrity you'll never look back. Goals that help you become the person you want to be rather than things you want to do are the key to success!

Bonus Resources - Understand the Reiki Fundamentals

Reiki Fundamentals includes articles on the philosophy of Reiki and the principles, and shows you how to bring them to life. Whether you are attuned to Reiki or not, these fundamental principles will help you live your life more intuitively.

Bonus Resources - Crystal Healing Concepts

This module takes you through the history of crystal healing and introduces you to how it works.

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