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The path to fulfilment starts with knowing who you are and doing what feeds your soul.

Your kindred spirits are inside the circle - waiting to welcome you home.

It is time to remember who you really are!

I’ll bet my coffee (and I love coffee!) that you have been confused, scared and overwhelmed, at least once, if not hundreds of times so far in your spiritual journey.

You’ve maybe felt stuck. Unsure of what to do in your personal or professional practice because you don’t feel confident.

Do you crave the freedom that following your true calling brings?

No doubt you’ve encountered more spiritual gurus than I’ve had chocolate (and, trust me, that is A LOT!) Your brain is probably spinning at the amount of conflicting advice out there – not to mention the sheer volume of spiritual fluff online.

You’ve likely tried to follow someone else’s pathway only to find yourself at a dead end. Or worse, floating aimlessly in spiritual soup with no idea how to move forward. And that’s because many teachers don’t walk their talk. 

If that has made you nod your head at least once, and made you determined to find a better way, then this is the right place for you!

What's Inside?

Soul Food Circle really does have something for everyone. We have weekly and monthly live calls, masterclasses and also group experts popping in from time to time. There is a full content library with courses in meditation, mindset, tarot reading, crystal healing and the chakras, as well as Reiki resources, Shamanic basics and lots more.

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Live Calls & Guest Experts

There is always something happening for you to check out. We run fortnightly tarot interpretation and skills sessions, a monthly healing circle, creative co-working spaces and a regular “Ask Me Anything” call. 

The live calls, masterclasses and group expert training sessions are always recorded so you can catch up if you aren’t able to attend live.

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Content Library

You have 24/7 access to a full content library in your private membership hub. Choose from short courses in meditation, mindset, tarot reading, crystal chakras or shamanic basics. 

There are also exclusive meditation downloads, monthly tarot forecasts and Reiki resources to check out as well. Content is Neuro Diverse friendly – choose from videos, worksheets and audio.

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Our community is built inside the live calls and conversation then spills into our Facebook Group and WhatsApp chat.

We are a friendly bunch which you will see when you join us on the inside. 

This is a safe space and this is why there is an application process so I can work to ensure that the membership is a safe, supportive space for all.

Soul Food Circle is different than other communities

There is an application process so only the right type of people can enter this inner circle. And that is because in Soul Food Circle you get a significant amount of access to me as well as to the other members. So it has to be a safe space for us all.

Think Reiki, Crystal Healing, Tarot, Mindset, Shamanism & Creativity all in one place.

A space where you can feel supported to share your story and then grow your confidence.

Absolutely no guru woo woo permitted. No bullying, hate speech, trolls or any other horrific behaviour allowed. And definitely no power struggles!

I personally check out everyone who applies – and if someone dodgy does slip through the net, they will be removed quickly – no magic wand needed, just the remove member button on my admin panel!

In Soul Food Circle we don’t just give you fluff and leave you to your own devices. I am always reading and learning new things and I bring these to you in easy to understand ways.

You can pick and choose the content you want to consume and attend (or not) as many of the live calls as you want.

Come and join me (and Raven #reikicat) in the inner circle – she’s looking for you!

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Wait, I haven't even introduced myself!

Debi Barr

I’m Debi, pleased to meet you!

I am a Reiki Teacher with over a decade of experience, author of The Reiki Solution and Rocks n Rituals Tarot Tales.

I’m the host of Soul Food Nibbles podcast and a professional artist, with customers and clients all over the world.

I have worked with hundreds of spiritual seekers over the last decade to help them find their purpose.

To empower them to build their confidence their way.

I give you the tools, show you how to use them and then give you the space and freedom to let you find your own path.

You are assured of my support, guidance and help when you need it but I won’t do it for you. You are the driver of your life – not my passenger!

Ready to join us?

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Payment Options in USD are also available. Combined Membership options are available if you wish to join both Soul Food Circle and Soulpreneur Space.

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